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Windows 7 DLL File Information

Welcome to DLL information site for Windows 7.
This site was built by scanning all DLL files located in system32 directory of Windows 7 release candidate and creating (with automatic script) a Web page for each DLL with all found infromation.

Each DLL information page includes:

Looking in the Web page of specific DLL can help to learn what is this DLL and how it's linked with the other DLL files on Windows 7 operating system.

In order to browse into the right DLL page, select the first letter of the DLL file, and then you'll get a list of all dll files begins with this letter:

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

Here's the list of all DLL files begin with 'D':

Filename Description
DDACLSys.dll SysPrep module for Reseting Data Drive ACL  
DDOIProxy.dll DDOI Interface Proxy  
DDORes.dll Device Category information and resources  
DHCPQEC.DLL Microsoft DHCP NAP Enforcement Client  
DShowRdpFilter.dll RDP Renderer Filter (redirector)  
DWrite.dll Microsoft DirectX Typography Services  
DXP.dll Device Stage Shell Extension  
DXPTaskRingtone.dll Microsoft Ringtone Editor  
DeviceCenter.dll Device Center  
DeviceDisplayStatusManager.dll Device Display Status Manager  
DeviceMetadataParsers.dll Common Device Metadata parsers  
DevicePairing.dll Shell extensions for Device Pairing  
DevicePairingFolder.dll Device Pairing Folder  
DevicePairingHandler.dll Device Pairing Handler Dll  
DevicePairingProxy.dll Device Pairing Proxy Dll  
DeviceUxRes.dll Windows Device User Experience Resource File  
DfsShlEx.dll Distributed File System shell extension  
DiagCpl.dll Troubleshooting Control Panel  
Display.dll Display Control Panel  
DocumentPerformanceEvents.dll Documents and Printing Performance Events  
DxpTaskSync.dll Microsoft Windows DXP Sync.  
d2d1.dll Microsoft D2D Library  
d3d10.dll Direct3D 10 Runtime  
d3d10_1.dll Direct3D 10.1 Runtime  
d3d10_1core.dll Direct3D 10.1 Runtime  
d3d10core.dll Direct3D 10 Runtime  
d3d10level9.dll Direct3D 10 to Direct3D9 Translation Runtime  
d3d10warp.dll Direct3D 10 Rasterizer  
d3d11.dll Direct3D 11 Runtime  
d3d8.dll Microsoft Direct3D  
d3d8thk.dll Microsoft Direct3D OS Thunk Layer  
d3d9.dll Direct3D 9 Runtime  
d3dim.dll Microsoft Direct3D  
d3dim700.dll Microsoft Direct3D  
d3dramp.dll Microsoft Direct3D  
d3dxof.dll DirectX Files DLL  
dataclen.dll Disk Space Cleaner for Windows  
davclnt.dll Web DAV Client DLL  
davhlpr.dll DAV Helper DLL  
dbgeng.dll Windows Symbolic Debugger Engine  
dbghelp.dll Windows Image Helper  
dbnetlib.dll Winsock Oriented Net DLL for SQL Clients  
dbnmpntw.dll Named Pipes Net DLL for SQL Clients  
dciman32.dll DCI Manager  
ddraw.dll Microsoft DirectDraw  
ddrawex.dll Direct Draw Ex  
defaultlocationcpl.dll Default Location Control Panel  
defragproxy.dll Microsoft Disk Defragmenter Proxy Library  
defragsvc.dll Microsoft\Disk Defragmenter  
deskadp.dll Advanced display adapter properties  
deskmon.dll Advanced display monitor properties  
deskperf.dll Advanced display performance properties  
devenum.dll Device enumeration.  
devmgr.dll Device Manager MMC Snapin  
devobj.dll Device Information Set DLL  
devrtl.dll Device Management Run Time Library  
dfdts.dll Windows Disk Failure Diagnostic Module  
dfscli.dll Windows NT Distributed File System Client DLL  
dfshim.dll Application Deployment Support Library  
dhcpcmonitor.dll DHCP Client Monitor Dll  
dhcpcore.dll DHCP Client Service  
dhcpcore6.dll DHCPv6 Client  
dhcpcsvc.dll DHCP Client Service  
dhcpcsvc6.dll DHCPv6 Client  
dhcpsapi.dll DHCP Server API Stub DLL  
diagperf.dll Microsoft Performance Diagnostics  
difxapi.dll Driver Install Frameworks for API library module  
dimsjob.dll DIMS Job DLL  
dimsroam.dll Key Roaming DIMS Provider DLL  
dinput.dll Microsoft DirectInput  
dinput8.dll Microsoft DirectInput  
diskcopy.dll Windows DiskCopy  
dispci.dll Microsoft Display Class Installer  
dispex.dll Microsoft DispEx  
dmband.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Band  
dmcompos.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Composer  
dmdlgs.dll Disk Management Snap-in Dialogs  
dmdskmgr.dll Disk Management Snap-in Support Library  
dmdskres.dll Disk Management Snap-in Resources  
dmdskres2.dll Disk Management Snap-in Resources  
dmime.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Interactive Engine  
dmintf.dll Disk Management DCOM Interface Stub  
dmloader.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Loader  
dmocx.dll TreeView OCX  
dmrc.dll Windows MRC  
dmscript.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Scripting  
dmstyle.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Style Engline  
dmsynth.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Software Synthesizer  
dmusic.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Core Services  
dmutil.dll Logical Disk Manager Utility Library  
dmvdsitf.dll Disk Management Snap-in Support Library  
dnsapi.dll DNS Client API DLL  
dnscmmc.dll DNS Client MMC Snap-in DLL  
dnsext.dll DNS extension DLL  
dnshc.dll DNS Helper Class  
dnsrslvr.dll DNS Caching Resolver Service  
docprop.dll OLE DocFile Property Page  
dot3api.dll 802.3 Autoconfiguration API  
dot3cfg.dll 802.3 Netsh Helper  
dot3dlg.dll 802.3 UI Helper  
dot3gpclnt.dll 802.3 Group Policy Client  
dot3gpui.dll 802.3 Network Policy Management Snap-in  
dot3hc.dll Dot3 Helper Class  
dot3msm.dll 802.3 Media Specific Module  
dot3svc.dll Wired AutoConfig Service  
dot3ui.dll 802.3 Advanced UI  
dpapiprovider.dll dpapiprovider DLL  
dplayx.dll Microsoft DirectPlay  
dpmodemx.dll Modem and Serial Connection For DirectPlay  
dpnaddr.dll Microsoft DirectPlay8 Address  
dpnathlp.dll Microsoft DirectPlay NAT Helper UPnP  
dpnet.dll Microsoft DirectPlay  
dpnhpast.dll Microsoft DirectPlay NAT Helper PAST  
dpnhupnp.dll Microsoft DirectPlay NAT Helper UPNP  
dpnlobby.dll Microsoft DirectPlay8 Lobby  
dps.dll WDI Diagnostic Policy Service  
dpwsockx.dll Internet TCP/IP and IPX Connection For DirectPlay  
dpx.dll Microsoft(R) Delta Package Expander  
drmmgrtn.dll DRM Migration DLL  
drmv2clt.dll DRMv2 Client DLL  
drprov.dll Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host Server Network Provider  
drt.dll Distributed Routing Table  
drtprov.dll Distributed Routing Table Providers  
drttransport.dll Distributed Routing Table Transport Provider  
drvstore.dll Driver Store API  
ds32gt.dll ODBC Driver Setup Generic Thunk  
dsauth.dll DS Authorization for Services  
dsdmo.dll DirectSound Effects  
dskquota.dll Windows Shell Disk Quota Support DLL  
dskquoui.dll Windows Shell Disk Quota UI DLL  
dsound.dll DirectSound  
dsprop.dll Windows Active Directory Property Pages  
dsquery.dll Directory Service Find  
dsrole.dll DS Role Client DLL  
dssec.dll Directory Service Security UI  
dssenh.dll Microsoft Enhanced DSS and Diffie-Hellman Cryptographic Provider  
dsuiext.dll Directory Service Common UI  
dswave.dll Microsoft DirectMusic Wave  
dtsh.dll Detection and Sharing Status API  
dui70.dll Windows DirectUI Engine  
duser.dll Windows DirectUser Engine  
dwmapi.dll Microsoft Desktop Window Manager API  
dwmcore.dll Microsoft DWM Core Library  
dwmredir.dll Microsoft Desktop Window Manager Redirection Component  
dxdiagn.dll Microsoft DirectX Diagnostic Tool  
dxgi.dll DirectX Graphics Infrastructure  
dxmasf.dll Microsoft Windows Media Component Removal File.  
dxpps.dll Device Experience Platform Proxy\Stub DLL  
dxtmsft.dll DirectX Media -- Image DirectX Transforms  
dxtrans.dll DirectX Media -- DirectX Transform Core  
dxva2.dll DirectX Video Acceleration 2.0 DLL