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Windows 7 DLL File Information

Welcome to DLL information site for Windows 7.
This site was built by scanning all DLL files located in system32 directory of Windows 7 release candidate and creating (with automatic script) a Web page for each DLL with all found infromation.

Each DLL information page includes:

Looking in the Web page of specific DLL can help to learn what is this DLL and how it's linked with the other DLL files on Windows 7 operating system.

In order to browse into the right DLL page, select the first letter of the DLL file, and then you'll get a list of all dll files begins with this letter:

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

Here's the list of all DLL files begin with 'M':

Filename Description
MCEWMDRMNDBootstrap.dll Windows Media Center WMDRM-ND Receiver Bridge Bootstrap DLL  
MFPlay.dll Media Foundation Playback API DLL  
MFWMAAEC.DLL Windows Media Audio AEC for Media Foundation  
MMDevAPI.dll MMDevice API  
MP3DMOD.DLL Microsoft MP3 Decoder DMO  
MP43DECD.DLL Windows Media MPEG-4 Video Decoder  
MP4SDECD.DLL Windows Media MPEG-4 S Video Decoder  
MPG4DECD.DLL Windows Media MPEG-4 Video Decoder  
MPSSVC.dll Microsoft Protection Service  
MSAC3ENC.DLL Microsoft AC-3 Encoder  
MSMPEG2ENC.DLL Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder  
MSVidCtl.dll ActiveX control for streaming video  
MUILanguageCleanup.dll MUI Callback for Language pack cleanup  
Magnification.dll Microsoft Magnification API  
Mcx2Svc.dll Media Center Extender Service  
McxDriv.dll Media Center Extender Resources  
MediaMetadataHandler.dll Media Metadata Handler  
MsCtfMonitor.dll MsCtfMonitor DLL  
MsPbdaCoInst.dll Microsoft Protected Broadcast Digital Architecture Class Driver CoInstaller  
MsRdpWebAccess.dll Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Web Access Control  
MsiCofire.dll Corrupted MSI File Recovery Diagnostic Module  
mapi32.dll Extended MAPI 1.0 for Windows NT  
mapistub.dll Extended MAPI 1.0 for Windows NT  
mciavi32.dll Video For Windows MCI driver  
mcicda.dll MCI driver for cdaudio devices  
mciqtz32.dll DirectShow MCI Driver  
mciseq.dll MCI driver for MIDI sequencer  
mciwave.dll MCI driver for waveform audio  
mcmde.dll MCMDE DLL  
mcsrchPH.dll Windows Media Center Search Protocol Handler  
mctres.dll MCT resource DLL  
mcupdate_AuthenticAMD.dll AMD Microcode Update Library  
mcupdate_GenuineIntel.dll Intel Microcode Update Library  
mdminst.dll Modem Class Installer  
memdiag.dll Memory Tester Enhancement  
mf.dll Media Foundation DLL  
mf3216.dll 32-bit to 16-bit Metafile Conversion DLL  
mfAACEnc.dll Media Foundation AAC Encoder  
mfc40.dll MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version  
mfc40u.dll MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version  
mfc42.dll MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version  
mfc42u.dll MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version  
mfc70.dll MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version  
mfcsubs.dll COM+  
mfds.dll Media Foundation Direct Show wrapper DLL  
mfdvdec.dll Media Foundation DV Decoder  
mferror.dll Media Foundation Error DLL  
mfh264enc.dll Media Foundation H264 Encoder  
mfmjpegdec.dll Media Foundation MJPEG Decoder  
mfplat.dll Media Foundation Platform DLL  
mfps.dll Media Foundation Proxy DLL  
mfreadwrite.dll Media Foundation ReadWrite DLL  
mfvdsp.dll Windows Media Foundation Video DSP Components  
mgmtapi.dll Microsoft SNMP Manager API (uses WinSNMP)  
microsoft-windows-hal-events.dll Microsoft-Windows-HAL-Events Resources  
microsoft-windows-kernel-power-events.dll Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power-Events Resources  
microsoft-windows-kernel-processor-power-events.dll Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power-Events Resources  
midimap.dll Microsoft MIDI Mapper  
migisol.dll Migration System Isolation Layer  
miguiresource.dll MIG wini32 resources  
mimefilt.dll MIME Filter  
mlang.dll Multi Language Support DLL  
mmcbase.dll MMC Base DLL  
mmci.dll Media class installer  
mmcico.dll Media class co-installer  
mmcndmgr.dll MMC Node Manager DLL  
mmcshext.dll MMC Shell Extension DLL  
mmcss.dll Multimedia Class Scheduler Service  
mmres.dll General Audio Resources  
modemui.dll Windows Modem Properties  
montr_ci.dll Microsoft Monitor Class Installer  
moricons.dll Windows NT Setup Icon Resources Library  
mpr.dll Multiple Provider Router DLL  
mprapi.dll Windows NT MP Router Administration DLL  
mprddm.dll Demand Dial Manager Supervisor  
mprdim.dll Dynamic Interface Manager  
mprmsg.dll Multi-Protocol Router Service Messages DLL  
msaatext.dll Active Accessibility text support  
msacm32.dll Microsoft ACM Audio Filter  
msafd.dll Microsoft Windows Sockets 2.0 Service Provider  
msasn1.dll ASN.1 Runtime APIs  
msaudite.dll Security Audit Events DLL  
mscandui.dll MSCANDUI Server DLL  
mscat32.dll MSCAT32 Forwarder DLL  
msclmd.dll Microsoft Class Mini-driver  
mscms.dll Microsoft Color Matching System DLL  
mscoree.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime Execution Engine  
mscorier.dll Microsoft .NET Runtime IE resources  
mscories.dll Microsoft .NET IE SECURITY REGISTRATION  
mscpx32r.dLL ODBC Code Page Translator Resources  
mscpxl32.dLL ODBC Code Page Translator  
msctf.dll MSCTF Server DLL  
msctfp.dll MSCTFP Server DLL  
msctfui.dll MSCTFUI Server DLL  
msdadiag.dll Built-In Diagnostics  
msdart.dll OLE DB Runtime Routines  
msdelta.dll Microsoft Patch Engine  
msdmo.dll DMO Runtime  
msdri.dll Microsoft Digital Receiver Interface Class Driver  
msdrm.dll Windows Rights Management client  
msdtcVSp1res.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Resources for Vista SP1  
msdtckrm.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator OLE Transactions KTM Resource Manager DLL  
msdtclog.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Log Manager DLL  
msdtcprx.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator OLE Transactions Interface Proxy DLL  
msdtctm.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Transaction Manager DLL  
msdtcuiu.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Administrative DLL  
msexch40.dll Microsoft Jet Exchange Isam  
msexcl40.dll Microsoft Jet Excel Isam  
msfeeds.dll Microsoft Feeds Manager  
msfeedsbs.dll Microsoft Feeds Background Sync  
msftedit.dll Rich Text Edit Control, v4.1  
mshtml.dll Microsoft (R) HTML Viewer  
mshtmled.dll Microsoft HTML Editing Component  
mshtmler.dll Microsoft HTML Editing Component's Resource DLL  
msi.dll Windows Installer  
msidcrl30.dll IDCRL Dynamic Link Library  
msident.dll Microsoft Identity Manager  
msidle.dll User Idle Monitor  
msidntld.dll Microsoft Identity Manager  
msieftp.dll Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP Folder Shell Extension  
msihnd.dll Windows installer  
msiltcfg.dll Windows Installer Configuration API Stub  
msimg32.dll GDIEXT Client DLL  
msimsg.dll Windows Installer International Messages  
msimtf.dll Active IMM Server DLL  
msisip.dll MSI Signature SIP Provider  
msjet40.dll Microsoft Jet Engine Library  
msjetoledb40.dll Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet  
msjint40.dll Microsoft Jet Database Engine International DLL  
msjter40.dll Microsoft Jet Database Engine Error DLL  
msjtes40.dll Microsoft Jet Expression Service  
msls31.dll Microsoft Line Services library file  
msltus40.dll Microsoft Jet Lotus 1-2-3 Isam  
msmmsp.dll Mount Point Manger Sysprep Utility Library  
msmpeg2adec.dll Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder  
msmpeg2vdec.dll Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder  
msnetobj.dll DRM ActiveX Network Object  
msobjs.dll System object audit names  
msoeacct.dll Microsoft Internet Account Manager  
msoert2.dll Microsoft Windows Mail RT Lib  
msorc32r.dll ODBC Driver for Oracle Resources  
msorcl32.dll ODBC Driver for Oracle  
mspatcha.dll Microsoft File Patch Application API  
mspbda.dll Microsoft Protected Broadcast Digital Architecture Class Driver  
mspbde40.dll Microsoft Jet Paradox Isam  
msports.dll Ports Class Installer  
msprivs.dll Microsoft Privilege Translations  
msrahc.dll Remote Assistance Diagnostics Provider  
msrating.dll Internet Ratings and Local User Management DLL  
msrd2x40.dll Microsoft (R) Red ISAM  
msrd3x40.dll Microsoft (R) Red ISAM  
msrdc.dll Remote Differential Compression COM server  
msrepl40.dll Microsoft Replication Library  
msrle32.dll Microsoft RLE Compressor  
msscntrs.dll msscntrs.dll  
msscp.dll Windows Media Secure Content Provider  
mssha.dll Windows Security Health Agent  
msshavmsg.dll Windows Security Health Agent Validator Message  
msshooks.dll MSSHooks.dll  
mssign32.dll Microsoft Trust Signing APIs  
mssip32.dll MSSIP32 Forwarder DLL  
mssitlb.dll mssitlb  
mssph.dll Microsoft Search Protocol Handler  
mssphtb.dll Outlook MSSearch Connector  
mssprxy.dll Microsoft Search Proxy  
mssrch.dll mssrch.dll  
mssvp.dll MSSearch Vista Platform  
msswch.dll msswch  
mstask.dll Task Scheduler interface DLL  
mstext40.dll Microsoft Jet Text Isam  
mstime.dll Microsoft (R) Timed Interactive Multimedia Extensions to HTML  
mstscax.dll Remote Desktop Services ActiveX Client  
msutb.dll MSUTB Server DLL  
msv1_0.dll Microsoft Authentication Package v1.0  
msvbvm60.dll Visual Basic Virtual Machine  
msvcirt.dll Windows NT IOStreams DLL  
msvcp60.dll Windows NT C++ Runtime Library DLL  
msvcr70.dll Microsoft C Runtime Library  
msvcrt.dll Windows NT CRT DLL  
msvcrt20.dll Microsoft C Runtime Library  
msvcrt40.dll VC 4.x CRT DLL (Forwarded to msvcrt.dll)  
msvfw32.dll Microsoft Video for Windows DLL  
msvidc32.dll Microsoft Video 1 Compressor  
mswdat10.dll Microsoft Jet Sort Tables  
mswmdm.dll Windows Media Device Manager Core  
mswsock.dll Microsoft Windows Sockets 2.0 Service Provider  
mswstr10.dll Microsoft Jet Sort Library  
msxbde40.dll Microsoft Jet xBASE Isam  
msxml3.dll MSXML 3.0 SP11  
msxml3r.dll XML Resources  
msxml6.dll MSXML 6.0 SP3  
msxml6r.dll XML Resources  
msyuv.dll Microsoft UYVY Video Decompressor  
mtxclu.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Failover Clustering Support DLL  
mtxdm.dll COM+  
mtxex.dll COM+  
mtxlegih.dll COM+  
mtxoci.dll Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Database Support DLL for Oracle  
muifontsetup.dll MUI Callback for font registry settings  
mycomput.dll Computer Management  
mydocs.dll My Documents Folder UI