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Windows 7 DLL File Information - imapi2fs.dll

The following DLL report was generated by automatic DLL script that scanned and loaded all DLL files in the system32 directory of Windows 7, extracted the information from them, and then saved it into HTML reports. If you want to view a report of another DLL, go to the main page of this Web site.


General Information

File Description: Image Mastering File System Imaging API v2  
File Version: 6.1.7100.0 (winmain_win7rc.090421-1700)  
Company: Microsoft Corporation  
Product Name: Microsoft Windows Operating System  
DLL popularity Very Low - There is no any other DLL in system32 directory that is statically linked to this file.
File Size: 715 KB
Total Number of Exported Functions: 4
Total Number of Exported Functions With Names: 4

Section Headers

Name Virtual Address Raw Data Size % of File Characteristics Section Contains...
.text 0x00001000 625,152 Bytes 85.4% Read, Execute Code
.orpc 0x0009a000 1,024 Bytes 0.1% Read, Execute Code
.data 0x0009b000 18,432 Bytes 2.5% Write, Read Initialized Data
.rsrc 0x000a0000 48,640 Bytes 6.6% Read Initialized Data
.reloc 0x000ac000 37,888 Bytes 5.2% Read, Discardable Initialized Data

Static Linking

imapi2fs.dll is statically linked to the following files:


This means that when imapi2fs.dll is loaded, the above files are automatically loaded too. If one of these files is corrupted or missing, imapi2fs.dll won't be loaded.


General Resources Information

Resource Type Number of Items Total Size % of File
Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Bitmaps 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
AVI Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Dialog-Boxes 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
HTML Related Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Menus 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Strings 1 66 Bytes 0.0%
Type Libraries 1 37,540 Bytes 5.1%
Manifest 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
All Others 16 246,643 Bytes 33.7%
Total 18 284,249 Bytes 38.8%

Icons in this file

No icons found in this file


Cursors in this file

No cursors found in this file


Dialog-boxes list (up to 200 dialogs)

No dialog resources in this file.


String resources in this dll (up to 200 strings)

String ID String Text
100 FileSystemImaging

COM Classes/Interfaces

Name Type Description
BlockRange CoClass A range of LBAs  
BlockRangeList CoClass A list of LBA ranges  
BootOptions CoClass Boot options  
DFileSystemImageEvents Interface Provides notification of file system creation progress  
DFileSystemImageImportEvents Interface Provides notification of file system import progress  
EnumFsiItems CoClass FileSystemImage item enumerator  
EnumProgressItems CoClass Progress item block mapping enumerator  
FileSystemImageResult CoClass FileSystemImage result stream  
FsiDirectoryItem CoClass Directory item  
FsiFileItem CoClass File item  
FsiNamedStreams CoClass Named stream collection  
FsiStream CoClass Stream  
IBlockRange Dispatch A continuous LBA range  
IBlockRangeList Dispatch A list of continuous LBA ranges  
IBootOptions Dispatch Boot options  
IConnectionPoint Interface  
IConnectionPointContainer Interface  
IDiscRecorder2 Dispatch Represents a single CD/DVD type device, and enables many common operations via a simplified API.  
IEnumConnectionPoints Interface  
IEnumConnections Interface  
IEnumFsiItems Interface FileSystemImage item enumerator  
IEnumProgressItems Interface FileSystemImageResult progress item enumerator  
IFileSystemImage Dispatch File system image  
IFileSystemImage2 Dispatch File system image (rev.2)  
IFileSystemImage3 Dispatch File system image (rev.3)  
IFileSystemImageResult Dispatch FileSystemImage result stream  
IFileSystemImageResult2 Dispatch FileSystemImage result stream (rev.2)  
IFsiDirectoryItem Dispatch FileSystemImage directory item  
IFsiDirectoryItem2 Dispatch FileSystemImage directory item (rev.2)  
IFsiFileItem Dispatch FileSystemImage file item  
IFsiFileItem2 Dispatch FileSystemImage file item (rev.2)  
IFsiItem Dispatch FileSystemImage item  
IFsiNamedStreams Dispatch Named stream collection  
IIsoImageManager Interface ISO Image Manager: Helper object for ISO image file manipulation  
IProgressItem Dispatch FileSystemImageResult progress item  
IProgressItems Dispatch Progress item block mapping collection  
ISequentialStream Interface  
IStream Interface  
MsftFileSystemImage CoClass File system image  
MsftIsoImageManager CoClass Microsoft IMAPIv2 Iso Image Manager  
ProgressItem CoClass Progress item block mapping  
ProgressItems CoClass Progress item block mapping collection  

Exported Functions List

The following functions are exported by this dll:
DllCanUnloadNow DllGetClassObject DllRegisterServer DllUnregisterServer


Imported Functions List

The following functions are imported by this dll: